Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A few quick questions for the Monster

So I'm following my Twitter the other night, as kids are wont to do these when they aren't texting on their eye-phones and listening to the rap and roll music. And what do I see but an update from Basketball Monster saying that summer league rankings were up. It's like manna from heaven or Darko being traded for Brian Cardinal for a fantasy hoops fan! Now I know that Eric Bledsoe was ranked 296th out of everyone who played in summer leagues, with a meaty 6.2 TO/G. Luke Harangody - ranked 11th. Step aside, Brian Scalabrine. Jeremy Lin, 137th - there's my 10th round insurance for if my 1st round pick of Steph Curry goes down.*

* May not draft Jeremy Lin in round 10.

Okay, so you can't really use summer league numbers. But now we have numbers! That means it's time! So I figured I'd get in touch with the creator and runner of Basketball Monster and Bucks aficionad, Ken Slight (Slightly Older Money) and ask him a few questions before things cool down and the nitty gritty starts.

Tales of 9 Cats: First of all, to get it out of the way, what do you see Heat players doing fantasy-wise this season?

Basketball Monster:It's likely that each player will get less field goal attempts (meaning less fta, 3a, & pts too) so that'll hurt all of them. Also, since Wade and James are used to running their teams, I imagine both assist totals will be lower too (one of the two at least). The only area where they may improve is fg%. It seems James wasn't considering fantasy owners when making his decision.

To9c:Are you excited for Milwaukee this year? I see a playoff team with a chance at round 2 if they get everyone healthy and working together. In fantasy, they have a lot of players who are going to put up quality numbers - Jennings, Bogut, Maggette, Salmons, Ilyasova, Gooden, Delfino. I say they could be one of the most useful team in fantasy for standard to deep leagues - thoughts?

BM:I feel pretty good about the team this year. As you mention, it's all a matter of health. Regardless, they'll be a good source of cheap tickets for me at least :)

To9C:Anything new this year that you'd like to tease right now?

BM:I hope to have many improvements to the site so I'll get back on this one.

I'll have some more questions later in the year, and hopefully more questions for other fantasy hoop-like peoples.

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