Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The new schedule's here! The new schedule's here!

I love new NBA schedule day in early August. It's the first time you can do some ruminating and rumbling over fantasy strategery. And of course I love doing brute force counting of who plays how much each week. I haven't done too much analysis yet, but a few things stand out.

1. Three teams have a 5 game week, and they all come in the first half of the season - Atlanta in week 5 (Happy Thanksgiving!), Dallas in week 10 (Merry New Year!), and Portland in week 2 (Happy, uh, Guy Fawkes Day, for all you "Daria" fans).

2. Toronto has a 1 game week during Christmas (week 9), just like Phoenix 2 years ago. Hmm, this may be a week you think about benching Bosh and Turkoglu. What who in the hey now? Oh.

3. Miami has the only 4 game week in week 1. Go ahead, draft LeBron in round 1, then Bosh in round 2, I'll let it pass.

4. No team has 3 games during the short pre-All-Star week, like Orlando did last year. So you don't have to start Jameer Nelson and let his 10-29 shooting kill you.

Anyway, here is a quick and dirty schedule grid which I did, so you won't have to.


Doneycat said...

All schedule counting done by hand. I'm earning my Fantasy Guy from Accounts Receivable name.

Charles said...

This is what makes you the T-H-E-M-A-N!

Doneycat said...

Dr. A tweeted that ATL, DAL, and POR all have 5 game weeks in the 1st half of the season. Now everyone knows!

EJ said...

Good stuff here.. Any chance you'd make the sheet available to download? Or e-mail it to me if I give you my e-mail addy? thanks!!

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