Friday, September 25, 2009

One Game at a Time

"One Day at a Time" was a sitcom in the on CBS in the 70's and the early 80's. Now I was a kid then, and I watched plenty of TV and I know I watched this show because I remember Valerie Bertinelli, Bonnie Franklin, Mackenzie Phillips, a bunch of other guys, and of course Schneider. Since it was written and produced by TV legend Norman Lear, it was a comedy that dealt with "serious" issues of the day, feminism, drugs, yadda yadda yadda. But for the life of me, I can't remember one episode or line of dialogue from this show. All I can picture is "Family Guy" spoofing it and the theme song. How is a show on for nine years and have no lasting memories or hipster ironic nostalgia? "Ally McBeal" was only on for five seasons - at least they had a dancing baby. I've got an odd curiosity to go into and check out some old episodes, maybe if Sunday's 4pm NFL games are boring.

What does this have to do with fantasy hoops? Well, ODAAT was/is the only show I can think of, sitcom or otherwise, to take place in Indianapolis. I guess Louisville wouldn't give them tax breaks or something. ODAAT ran for 9 unmemorable seasons; the Pacers, since the 2000 Finals, have had 9 unmemorable seasons as well (Malice at the Palace notwithstanding). A TV legend Norman Lear ran the show withoud spectacular results. Larry Bird, what's your next move? Oh, and Schneider, the building superintendent could do it all, including throwing out double entendres. Ladies and gentlemen, Danny Granger!

Yes, Danny Granger can do it all on your fantasy team, and is a likely 1st round pick.
[25.8 ppg, 2.7 3pg, 5.1 rpg, 2.7 apg, 1.0 spg, 1.4 bpg, 2.5 topg, 44.7 FG% @ 19.0 fgapg, 87.8 FT% @ 6.9 ftapg] I'll say it now: you can win your league if you've picked Danny Granger in the first round, but you won't win your league because you picked Danny Granger in the first round. Granger is a guy you want if you want to stay away from those "win every week 6-3 and punt a few categories" in head to head strategies. You can now go a lot of ways if you grab Granger in round 1 - Yahoo has him averagely drafted at 7.1; standard league, so who you take at 18 will show how you want to go about things for the year. If you look at who is listed 15-25 in average draft position, you can get a good direction for your team: Jefferson, Billups, Duncan, Nash, Butler, Jamison, Calderon, Iguodala, Joe Johnson, Harris, Kidd. You take a big, Granger is your SG, and got a nice big leaning lineup. You take a small, Granger is your SF and you can have a solid small leaning lineup. The point is, you take Granger, you can go a few ways - just like Schneider (c'mon, look at his mustache and rolled up cigarette pack, he's a disco backing track away from dancing next to an Indian chief and a dude in leather chaps!).

Ooh, here's a nifty fantasy player, Troy Murphy. Perhaps you remember him from hits such as "I Was The Second In The League In Rebounds - No, Really!", "I'm Big and I Shoot Threes - The Bill Laimbeer Story", and "Dial D for Downtown". I'll say it now: you can win your league if you've picked Troy Murphy in the second round, but you won't win your league because you picked Troy Murphy in the second round. Again, he's another player where you'll need help around him, but he can provide you a nice base. I'm not 100% sold he'll put up similar numbers to last year, but anyone who has the possibility of putting up 2 three's a night and 10+ rebounds a night can be a fantasy star. We have seen his ceiling, so I'm not going to be surprised if he's not 2nd in the league in rebounds. Like Valerie Bertinelli post this show, I think we've seen the peak, and it's not going to get better.

Well, Mike Dunleavy's season was a waste last year. He's not going to reach his status of last year of 4th/5th round-ness, but if you need a scorer who can put in some threes, he'll do nicely. Hopefully, your draft is after he's had a few preseason games under his belt so you know he can play. I wonder if he has daddy issues like "One Day at a Time"'s Mackenzie Phillips. Dear God of all that is green on this earth I hope not.

I'll say it now: you can win your league if TJ Ford is on your roster, but it will be because you have TJ Ford on your bench on your roster. He's not a three point shooter, he'll steal a little but not a lot, he doesn't pass it enough, he'll turn it over more than he needs to, and he'll hoodwink someone in your league because they'll say, "hey, he's the starting PG for a kinda-up-and-down team, that's a good pick." I can't have him as one of my top 2 guards; good luck for you.

Jeff Foster or Roy Hibbert are going to be getting center minutes for the Pacers. That is one mighty deep league you are playing in. Yes, they will rebound, and the guy in his 11th year will do it better.

NBA career total points: Josh McRoberts - 92; Tyler Hansbrough - 0. I believe that argument is settled. With Dahntay Jones on the Pacers roster, they have 3 Dukies, and we're not even talking about Bobby Hurley playing for Indiana University in Blue Chips. I'll let all y'all make a joke containing the following words: Pacers, Duke, white, scrappy, suck, gritty, pasty, Gene Hackman, Ollie, miss the playoffs, and can't jump.

I miss Marquis Daniels and Jarrett Jack on this team, since they at least had some fantasy value. Travis Diener and Solomon Jones - less so. Although I will keep an eye on Luther Head and Brandon Rush.

I look forward to a few Pacers games this year, as I feel I'll be saddled with Troy Murphy on at least one of my teams and I'll be mildly underwhelmed. Up next on my crappy team preview - the Sacramento Kings.

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